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At the Ted Adnan’s Portable Flash Workshop #21 @ Studio Mudio lah…

At the Ted Adnan’s Portable Flash Workshop #21 held at Studio Mudio, The Strand last Saturday…

Preparing to shoot after the theory part of the workshop...photo by Azman Hizam on the Kwanon

previewing images on the (no brand) D3...photo by Azman Hizam on the Kwanon

Sharing is caring, after everyone take their shots, we reviewed it together gether... photo by Azman Hizam on the Kwanon

In the workshop, everyone get to shoots and try out many techniques... photo by Azman Hizam on the Kwanon

I dontch really remember, but I think I was making jokes at Kwanon expenses, c'est la vie... photo by Azman Hizam on the Kwanon

Epa modelled for this edition of Ted Adnan's Portable Flash Technique Wokshop #21 lah...photo by Azman Hizam on the Kwanon

Taufik, my intern, listen attentively... photo by Azman Hizam on the Kwanon

A mirror is ALSO a reflector, if you dontch know ady... photos by Bakhtiar, my Assistant #1

A group photo, for posterity... photo by Bakhtiar, my #1 Assistant

A showcase of the participant work:

Photo by Jeff

Photo by Azman

Photo by Nizam

Photo by Izwas

..and last, but not least…

heheh, notice how the colours all appears to differs from each other? that’s what you get from jpegs files from different camera lah. The keyword that I emphasize is to practice, practice, and practice some more the technique leanrt in the workshop. After all, no amount of seminars, workshops, hardcopy or e-books that were read, Innernet discussion (which will degenerates into flaming and baiting mostly!) that one join or photography blog post (such as this one lah, with bad grammars and such lagi) that one read, if you dontch get off your rear end and practice what you learnt, everything will go to naught.

See? it’s all about you, yesh, _YOU_ practicing your skill, not ‘Ted Adnan’ teaching you how *winks*

That being said, if you wanna practice what you learn, do join me in an outing I am organising this Sunday on March 21st. It’s only open to past Ted Adnan’s workshop participants ajer. There will be a model involved, a MUA will be hired and my crew (consist of Bakhtiar the #1 Assistant and Taufik the Intern) and I will help you to practice what you’ve learnt.

How to join? Send your application to tedadnanworkshop@gmail.com lah with “I was a past workshop participant and I want to join March 21st outing with Ted Adnan” as the email header. Please mentioned which workshop you’ve joined and the dates oso lah. Dontch forget to put your contact number there oso!

Limited to 7 participants ajer.