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12 hour shooting marathon! (Part Deux)

What a sad place, even when there’s people here.

Not quite abandoned, there’s a small grocery store still in business…

I saw this frames within frames within frames…

Time: 1530 hrs – 1600 hrs

I saw this stairs which is dripping with water (there’s probably a leaking roof/watertank some where) I thot that this is wha’s urban decay is all about. Maybe not. SO anyhow I wrangled one of the photographer in the group to posed for me. I trie dit with available light only, but the lighting was flat and the colours are dull. So I set up 2 x F56 flash, one on either side of Ahmenchan (that’s the dewd there..), with the left flash power set at 1/2 power and the right one at 1/4 power and just flashing away *grins*

I use a high shutter speed of 1/125th to kill of the ambient light and an aperture of f/11 to maximize DOF.

Oh, this is a test shot, will be back later to do a proper shoot, don’t tell anyone I tell you first, okay?

Later, while stopping at the local mosque for a prayer break, some of the participants began practicing their panning techniques on some passing vehicles.

To tell you frankly, I can never get it done right too *grins*.

My preferred technique for panning shots is with flash. Set a slow enough shutter speed, with passing cars at 5 feet away, a shutter speed of 1/60 is enough to ensure the background becomes ‘streaky’ while an aperture of f/8 – f/11 is needed to ensure enough DOF for the moving vehicle while it COMING into view.

Sometimes, the moving vehicles moves too fast, or the panning movement is not fast enough, everything will comes out blurry. Oh dear. That’s why I use flash to freeze movement like my motocross pic here.

Time to move on tho, we were supposed to ride the KL Monorail line to shoot some (more) interesting ‘stuff’ along the way…

I hold up the foot traffic out of the Monorail for all of 1 second to get this one (snap)shot. *grins*

This has got to be the busiest traffic light junction in the whole of Kuala Lumpur (Jalan Raja Chulan Jalan TAR junction)!

Paranoid shop keeper and his/her mannequin sentry

Time: 1600 hrs – 1700 hrs

The “NO” in “Monorail”. No polariser filter was used, tweaked saturation in the old laptop.

Time: 1800 hrs – 1900 hrs

Dinner break!

Time: 1900 hrs – 2000 hrs

Time: 2000 hrs – 0000 hrs

Sunburnt a wee bit…

Just got back from the Crossing Bridges IV trip to Samporna Sabah. Subhanallah, what a beautiful, beautiful place.

Everyone, should visit the place at least once in their lifetime.

I used a polariser to intensifies the blue sky. What camera gear did I bring? I want to travel light, so I choose the Sony Alpha A100 with the 16-80mm Carl Zeiss lens and a circular polariser.

Heck, I did’t even bring the F56 flash to lighten my camera bag more heheh.