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A Public Service Announcement ( Wireless flash photography, how do I make it work? A Part 1 of 10 Online Tutorial by Ted Adnan)

According to an industry source, there’s one fella who sells between 5~8 THOUSAND of flashes (of various models) per month in the whole of Malaysia, and he is mystified by crappy photos taken with flash, shown on the web (via photography forums and social network groups) and elsewhere. He was like “What lah they all buy flashes for what ah? Direct flash technique oso dontch know, I hardly see good work taken with flash by these BEGINNERS lah (the emphasis is mine yo!)

When inquired about the whole situation, his answer is “Sure lah I like it when people buy my flash, but haiyaa! Bad picture is still bad picture loorr! Bad picture badly taken when flash some more, is even worst loorr”.

Okay I may have exaggerated on the dialogue bit (for a bit more dramatization maaahhh, just like them Hollywood muvees re: Black Hawk Down. What subtext! What beautiful message! American soldier dies, camera close up, tear jerking dialog that goes like “Please tell Betty to ughh.. take care of our kids ack cough cough *spit out blood* and tell them how brave their Daddy is! *characters dies while scene cuts to hostile “Skinnies” by the thousands being machine-gunned by the American Soldier comrade. Wot? The local Somali lives is unimportant? yes they picked a gun and were shooting at the Americans but does anyone care to noticed that the Somalis were simply defending their _homes_. And they’re conveniently left out the rescue of American troops by Pakistani and Malaysian troops. The Pakistani were portrayed as drivers in the muvee and no Malaysian soldier were seen anywhere in the muvee at all. Like I typed earlier, nice subtext.) but the gist of the conversation is that while photography is expanding in Malaysia more beginners need proper guidance in photography.

Enter this blog lerrr…

I have mentioned elsewhere in this blog that due to my working schedules I won’t be organizing workshops in Kuala Lumpur area myself no more. Well, at least for 2011. My future seminars and workshops will be organised by a 3rd party (if you wanna invite “Ted Adnan” as your guest speaker/photo instructor in your seminar/workshop/courses, do drop me a line at tedadnanworkshop@gmail.com) and if you’re need privacy and prefer a 1-on-1 tutorial with me the cost is RM1,890.00 per day with any subject matter of your pick (you get to choose from portable flash workshop, studio lighting workshop or location lighting workshop). The fee, UNCHANGED from 2009 is only valid till end of this year. Next year 1-on-1 tutorial will be at RM2,490.00 per person per day *T&C applies*.


A Nikon flash being triggered wireless, yesterday.... Photo © Ted Adnan Photography & Design

A flash being triggered wireless, yesterday…. Photo © Ted Adnan Photography & Design


I do realised tho not everyone has the financial flexibility to attend a 1-on-1 tutorial nor the time to join a scheduled workshop (either past one organised by yours truly nor the past & future one organized by 3rd parties), YOU can still learn with Ted Adnan himself, via this blog (& www.tedadnanworkshop.com ) and video post on photography especially on lighting photography.

A lot of photographers while they’re good at capturing available lights more often than not got intimidated by the use of artificial light. Don’t be! Don’t let the tyranny of available light shaped your photography direction! Master available technique while at the same time learn using small flashes and strobes (Americans, they got to be different no? hence “strobes” instead of “flash” heh heh heh).
Lesson No. 1:

If you’re triggering your flash off camera (meaning, no physical connections whatsoever between your camera and your flash) with either your built-in pop up flash or another external flash secured on the hotshoe  of your camera make sure both the camera and the flash is compatible with each other for wireless flash photography.

How not to make it work:

Using a Nikon body with pop up flash in Commander mode to trigger a Sony F56 flash wireless via optical flash.

Confirm tak boleh brooo…..


Where I was last week… (A phototalk and demo on ‘Photography and Lighting’ at FIT Glassroom (yes, Glass) MMU Cyberjaya)

Where I was last week…

A phototalk and a strobist lighting demo using Gamilight™ and Nissin Di866

A phototalk and a strobist lighting demo using Gamilight™ and Nissin Di866

I was Invited to give a phototalk and a live lighting demo (using Nissin™ Di822 & 622 portable flash gun and Gamilight™ 43 Mini Portable sodtbox) on ‘Photography and Lighting’ at FIT Glassroom (yes, Glass) MMU Cyberjaya).

Hasil dari gabungan kedua-dua lampu denyar Nissin Di866 dan Nissin Di622 (dua-dua jadi slave di nyalakan oleh pop-up flash Nikon D90 ajer. Yaaa, Nikon D90 ajer tu, SILA JELES™ lah whoah hahaha)

A model, lighted with Nissin Di866 & Di622 flashes & Gamilight portable softbox, last week...

A model, lighted with Nissin Di866 & Di622 flashes & Gamilight portable softbox, last week...

Apa tujuan post ini lah?

“Ted Adnan Bilang… Nikon D90 beserta Lampu Denyar Nissin serta Gamilight nak bikin teknik penataan cahaya “Nikon CLS” pun BOLEH!”

Sekian marketing untuk hari ini *winks*