UTM Space Executive Diploma In Creative Photography And Digital Imaging new October 2010 intake

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Dear friends,

Please have a look at our newly apgraded website. More information to come. This is just the 1st phase.


We would like to inform you that our February and June intake for Executive Diploma in Creative Photography and Digital Imaging have been running successfully.

Our program is awarded by UTMSPACE and is being streamlined to MQA specification.

We’re currently offering you to enroll in this program for October 2010 intake. We are only targeting a small group of 15 to 20 people per class as to maintain the effective student-trainer ratio.

Our teaching and learning methods are 70% practical with 30% theoretical part. It would be a great exposure and knowledge sharing sessions.

You could submit your form with the necessary documentation starting today for October 2010 intake. Places are on first come first serve basis.

Please do not hesitate to ask if any question arise as our personnel would be delighted to answer your questions.

Our hotlines are:

Munzir : 019-232 7428
Shahril : 010-882 0881
Office : 03-5512 7428

Warm regards,
Munzir Fauzi

4 Responses to UTM Space Executive Diploma In Creative Photography And Digital Imaging new October 2010 intake

  1. cicik says:

    salam tuan,nak tanya course ni baper lama? n fees dia baper?

  2. latok lee says:

    salam cicik.. muleh call itu nombot. mr ted sula kasik tau .. :D

  3. azreen anuar says:

    salam , sy nk tny psl the next intake . if im not mistaken i da tlpas bg registration for intake october , so .. sy nk tahu when is the next intake so that sy boleh buat persiapan awl. jika tak kberatan , sy ingin tahu spesifikasi bg melanjutkan pelajaran dlm executive dip tersebut. tq ;)

  4. sarel says:

    untuk makluman lanjut, boleh masuk ke facebook kami. gunakan carian ‘EXECUTIVE DIPLOMA IN CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY AND DIGITAL IMAGING’ utk facebook tersebut..

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