Crossing Bridges 5 – A Cambodian journey, Day 1 pt 2.

Continuing from Day 1 here lah

..after the market visit, we went to a silk weaving village founded by a certain Mr. Kikuo Morimoto, a Japanese silk expert and ex-UNESCO dewd who help reviving the Cambodian silk weaving craft which is nearly wiped out by the Khmer Rouge reign of terror. (Google is your friend, so go googled up ‘Institute for Khmer  Textile.’ Too much work ya? Apa daaaaa….. Go here instead.)

A silk weaver in Siem Reap City, Cambodia. Available light.

A gentleman doing craft-y thingies, in a silk village in Siem Reap City, Cambodia. Available light. 

While everyone is surrounding the silk weavers with their phalanxes of Nikons and Canons lens, I queitly side step them (what a stroke of genius, if I may say so myself) and hanging out with the gentleman in blue surrounded by craft-y thingies. I really have no idea what his doing other than see him sharpening some long, small stick. On closer inspections, some of the craft-y lookng implements have cobwebs in them. Hmmm….. anyway, I like the contrast of blue against brown in the above pic. Within 5 minutes tho, suddenly i founded myself surrounded by the same phalanxes of Nikons and Canons lens clicking away  at the same subject. Me genius? Whoah hahahahaha ‘masuk bakul angkat sindri lah’ aku ni!

then I went inside, by now everyone is scattered thru out the place clicking away. While there’s many subjects to shoot ( I always break down my shooting ‘goals’ to: 1. People, 2. Places and last but not least, #3. Things ) I decided to pick and choos emy subject and just concentrate on THAT particular subject only.

Wanna see my ‘contact sheet?’ *grins*

These are jpegs from the Nikon D3 that I used for the Crossing Bridges 5 trip lah. See? Even I screwed up the exposure sometimes when mixing ambient light with flash.

I shot about 40-50 frames (jpegs and RAW, just in case I screwed up. Wait, I already did used the word ‘screwed up’ no?). By frame 20th~25th I prolly got what I visualized but what the heck, there’s no ‘film cost’, no? Belasah ajer lah :D

Afterwards, we got on the bus to a temple just out of Siem Reap City. To my eye one temple looks pretty much like the other but this particular one is supposedly the oldest ‘modern’ Buddhist temple around. By modern, according to the guide, is anything build from around 100 years ago.

I like the ‘frames within frame theme’ of the scene before my eyes, so I composed it this way when the monk walk towards us

The Monk obligingly accepted our request to stand by the window so we can take a portrait of him.

You’re not a fan of wide angle environmental portrait photography? Well, here’sa tighter shot of the monk for your viewing pleasure.

Then we break for lunch.


Lunch break


After the lunch break (dammit, I really can’t recalled what I had lah), we….

..and I meant, ‘we’, watched a boat race…

The European Union being represented in the race oso? Hahahah yea, why not? We lives in a global village after all..

After a few hundreds (kidding) frames later, I noticed that none of the racer dewd were looking at me. Hmm, not good. Where lah the so called ‘Ted Adnan style’ (no, it was you who started talking about it. I’m Ted Adnan yet I dunno what the heck is the ‘Ted Adnan style’ you guys been talking about. Just kidding. whoahahahahahahahhaha) pics?

I don’t speak a word of Khmer, and I’m pretty sure they don’t really understand Malay, so, whack only lah. I shouted to them ‘Pandang sini! Pandang sini! Kamera kat sini!’ (Translation: Look here! Look here! Camera here!) while pointing to my camera and waving my hat in my hand like a mad man.

I guess it worked *LOL*

So anyhow, later we’re off to Angkor Wat for a wee bit of ticket buying (a 3 day pass going to cost you USD40.00. If you’re gullible enough you’re going to get some guide book for USD15.00 where elsewhere it’s only cost USD5.00 ~ 8.00. No, I was told it is NOT an original copy, you’ve been warned) and ‘free’ entrance (after 5 30pm can enter the temple complex for free).

Everyone is rushing to set up tripods and such to capture the setting sun warm light hitting the temple so as it appears that the temple is bathed in ‘gold’. I’ve seen the postcard already and are very determined NOT to have the same shot (THAT being said, even if a location has been shot by a million people before you, and the picture you ‘took’ will pretty much look almost indistinguishable from anyone else, if you do not take picture, it means you don’t have the picture at all. Know what I mean? So go ahead, shoot the ‘standard’ shot first, then get creative lah.) like everyone else. So we (Ariffin the HDR dewd, can you imagine how 2 grown men looks like carrying tripods and cameras and heavy backpack on their back? No I can’t either. Must be funny…) part walk and jog to the other side of the temple to capture an ‘alternative view’. Kononnya lah…

No ‘golden’ sunset, as it turned out… so we decided to pack up and go. Then Ariffin the HDR dewd pointed to the stupas being lighted up. I can see new possibilities in term of ‘alternative’ view, so we set up the gears again.


*cue near frenzied long exposure night scene shooting session while trying desperately not to get chased out by the security people and frantically balancing between ambient in the sky and artificial lights for the temple.


My first time ever in Angkor Wat and I got this image….


7 Responses to Crossing Bridges 5 – A Cambodian journey, Day 1 pt 2.

  1. Lezley says:

    wow…u r really lucky to get that last shot.

  2. beyond says:

    Note: Old man is making chopsticks. :)

  3. cinnamon says:

    mana datang menara tuh jadi kaler hijau bro?

  4. ted says:

    cinnamon: ada spot light pasang selepas pukul 6 30pm.

    beyond: oh, now i know lah!

    but whats the realtionship between weaving silk and making chopsticks?

    torque: dewddd…..

    lezley: yea! thanks! we got chased out afterwards afterall ahahahahahahahahahahha

  5. ted…
    i really enjoyed reading your blog… it’s very entertaining and funny… hehehe… moreover the great shots you have…
    my favorite is the wide shot of the monastery with the monk passing by…
    let me know if you added some more stuff… be delighted to check it out again!


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