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Ted Adnan’s Basic Studio Lighting Workshop, June 2007

Ted Adnan’s Basic Studio Lighting Workshop, June 2007.

From time to time, I conduct lighting workshops. The most popular one being portable flash (or strobe) lighting workshop. Once in a while, depending on request, I conduct studio flash lighting workshop.

In all these workshops, I always use a pool of models that I am comfortable with. For this workshop, the model that I originally hired had to pulled out. Eleena, the make up artist that I often collaborate with, came to the rescue, she introduced Fadzlun to me…

Fadzlon in the Studio

Some behind the scene pics…
behind the scene at Ted Adnan;s Basic Studio Lighting workshop

What’s a workshop without any participants, no? SO here’s a group photo of today’s participants…
Workshop group photo
…photo by buyid.

Oh, I am battling a mild fever to boot! Hence, I didn’t take THAT many pic. Not with a runny nose and all, and yes, there’s another session for another group tomorrow.

Interested to know about future workshops?

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