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Crossing Bridges 4


I will be away from Sunday the 3rd of June till the Friday the 8th of June for the Crossing Bridges 4 program. As such, I won’t be updating this site during the period.

Crossing Bridges is a project by four (4) online photography communities in South-east Asia – Clubsnap.com (a Singapore based online photographer community), Fotografer.net (Indonesia), Photo.vn (Vietnam) and PhotoMalaysia (Malaysia).

Crossing Bridges is aimed at fostering friendship among online photography communities through their passion in photography. Initiated by Eddy Ng from Clubsnap.com (Singapore), Crossing Bridges 1 (CB1) took place in Central Java, Indonesia in 2004 when Fotografer.net (Indonesia) hosted 20 members from Clubsnap.com in Central Java for 3 days (May 20 – May 22, 2004). The activity did not just end there; members of both communities took one step further by holding exhibitions of magnificent photographs taken during the outing. Two exhibitions were held, one in Jakarta and another in Singapore.

Following the success of CB1 in 2004, Clubsnap.com took the opportunity to host CB2 in 2005 by taking members of Crossing Bridges 2 on a 5 days trip to Hong Kong and Macau. Learning about CB1, sponsorships started to come in to Clubsnap.com supporting the cause for CB2. PhotoMalaysia.com was invited to join the Crossing Bridges Project in 2005 which was thus widened to forge friendships between Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia’s photographers.

Crossing Bridges got to be more exciting when Photo.vn (Vietnam) came into the picture in 2006 offering to be the host for CB3 in Sapa and Hanoi. The event took place on August 27 – September 1, 2006. With the same aim of fostering friendships across international boundaries amongst photographers outside the virtual realm, the Crossing Bridges project in 2006 moved closer towards becoming an annual event extending across the boundaries of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. Hope and aspiration builds up for “Crossing Bridges” to be more than just photography by bridging differences, beliefs, skin colours, language, race and geographic boundaries. It is building understanding through the medium of photography.


Malaysia with two distinct parts, separated from each other by the South China Sea, is the home of Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak of South East Asia at
4,095 metres on the island of Borneo. Malaysia has a rich geography between green highlands and blue oceans. It has one of the tallest sky scrapers in the world. And it has natural wonders as diverse as its cultural heritage, derived from an exciting mix of the cultures of the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians who make up its main racial and cultural groupings. This year it is PhotoMalaysia.com’s turn to take the challenge and become the host for Crossing Bridges 4. We’ve timed our hosting duties to coincide with “Visit Malaysia Year 2007”. Crossing Bridges this year will be between June 3 – June 8, 2007 Forty photographers from Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia will savour the delights of Sabah. With their cameras and lenses they will capture and showcase the enchanting beauty of Sabah, and share it with the people in their home countries, through photography exhibitions, photographic essays in both online and offline media, and also through coffee table books focusing mainly on Tawau, Semporna, and the pristine beauty of the islands of Sabah’s Marine Parks.

As the saying goes “a picture speaks a thousand words”. Each international member of Crossing Bridges 4 will speak thousands of words for Sabah as they translate what they see, and describe their feelings, through their lenses in this coming outing. The final Farewell dinner and slide show as in the past years has been the finale of the outings where members get to view first hand the photos taken during the visit. Most of the time, no matter how experienced and seasoned a photographer is, they will always be intrigued by moments and frames captured by another. And this is what members of CB4 wish to share with the rest of the world.

TV3 will send a camera crew to join CB4 and a New Straits Times journalist will also be part of the group. The CB4 Group will also be doing some community service on a selected island in Sabah’s Marine Park. They will be conducting a “Kid’s Klick” project to introduce the joy of photography to kids on a selected island, and they will also be conducting art lessons for the kids besides donating foodstuff like Rice, Sugar, etc for the disadvantaged communities on selected islands. Kid’s Klick is an ongoing project by PhotoMalaysia.com whereby children from orphanages and hostels for the poor are taught the rudiments of digital photography to get them interested in this activity when they grow up. Members loan their digital cameras to these kids and they are taken on shooting excursions at places like the Zoo, the Butterfly Farm and the Bird Park of Kuala Lumpur. The photographs are then printed and exhibitions held to showcase the work of these talented children. A similar project in art has also been started.

You can read more about it here @ http://www.photomalaysia.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24396